New Hampshire Manchester Culinary Training Program - New Hampshire Food Bank

Culinary Training Program - New Hampshire Food Bank

700 East Industrial Park Drive
Manchester, NH - 03101


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About Culinary Training Program - New Hampshire Food Bank

The Recipe for Success Culinary Job Training program is located within our warehouse. The training is offered every eight weeks to un-employed and under-employed adults to provide them with the skills that give them the confidence and experience needed to obtain jobs . This is a needs-based program so there is no charge for the training.Participants  who adhere to the program’s attendance and behavior policies are given  a $50.00 weekly stipend during the last five weeks of the program.The goal of this training program  is to help individuals suffering financial hardship gain the skills and experience necessary to seek employment in the food service industry.Financial hardship is defined as those whose combined household income is unable to sustain themselves and their family, and are unable to obtain a job at a living wage with the skills and experience they currently possess. Participants are selected for the program based on an application and a 15-minute interview. Primary considerations are the financial need of the applicant for a short-term training opportunity; the sincerity of the applicant’s interest in the program and working in food service; and the perceived ability of the applicant to successfully complete the program. 

If you would like more information about the program and services that are available, please contact them directly.

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