Florida Belle Glade Farmworkers Jobs and Education Program

Farmworkers Jobs and Education Program

607 S Main Street, Suite 103
Belle Glade, FL - 33430
(561) 996-1654


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About Farmworkers Jobs and Education Program

The purpose of the program is to strengthen the ability of eligible migrant and seasonal for workers and their dependents to achieve economic self-sufficiency through their participation in education, skills training and supportive services.

1 - Be a Seasonal or Migrant farm worker; or the dependent of a farm worker.
2 - Be a US Citizen or eligible Non-citizen.
3 - Males born after December 31, 1959, and who are between the ages of 18-26 must be registered with Selectire Service.
4 - Receive public assistance or whose family income is less than 70% of the Lower Living Standard Income Level.
5 - Earned at least 50% of his/her total income from farm work or was employed at least 50% of his/her total work time in farm work6 - Been employed at least 25 days in farm work or earned at least $800.year in farm work. Farm work must be on a sasonal basis; that is, without constant year-round salary.

HOURS: Monday-Friday / 8 am-5 pm

INTAKE PROCEDURE: Pre-application, TABE Testing, CHOICES (Job Interest Profile), interview with counselor assigned and Federal poverty level guidelines.

FEES: No fees charged.

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