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About Hope Haven Rock Valley

Hope Haven's Vocational Employment Services support people in developing work skills and behaviors needed to join the work force and become part of the community. There are various levels of services and settings provided.

Provides free job training and on the job training. OJT.

Services provided:

Supported Employment
Offers vocational training and employment support services to persons at community job sites. Services include: job development, placement, job coaching, and follow-along services. Support incudes: job training, social integration and facilitation of good co-worker relationships, training to maximize independence with transportation, behavior management, co-worker and supervisor training in providing natural supports, and arranging for extended support within the job site to allow for fade-away and follow-along services. The program focus is on integration both on and off the job. Offered through service locations: Parkview Industries (Rock Valley, IA), OES (Sibley, IA) and TAC (Worthington, MN).

Work Activity
Designed for persons who desire employment, but require intensive support and training services. Using real and simulated work, which promotes development of basic work skills and behaviors, participants learn to resolve poor work habits, low productivity, and personal problems that limit employment opportunities. Most participants have never worked or have a history of losing jobs because of performance problems. Training and support programs are developed and tailored for individual needs. Offered through service locations: Parkview Industries (Rock Valley, IA), OES (Sibley, IA) and TAC (Worthington, MN).

Employee Development Services
These Prevocational Services are services aimed at preparing a person for paid or unpaid employment. The skills taught and supports provided are not directed at teaching skills for a specific job or supported employment, but more generalized habilitative goals that are reflected in the person's service plan. They are time-limited, individual services that assist persons seeking employment to develop or re-establish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, functional capacities, etc to achieve positive employment outcomes. Offered through service locations: Parkview Industries (Rock Valley, IA), OES (Sibley,IA) and TAC (Worthington,MN).

Alternatives Program
A day habilitation service designed to provide meaningful and enriching educational social activities to individuals who do not benefit from full-time vocational training services. Services assist and support participants in developing or maintaining life skills and community integration. Offered through services locations: Parkview Industries (Rock Valley, IA) and OES (Sibley,IA)

Hope Haven provides services to help individuals identify vocational interests, aptitudes, and abilities. Worksite Assessment, Career Exploration/Job Shadowing , and Vocational Consultation Services are offered to assist the individual in developing their occupational goal in the community of choice and identifying supports that will assist that person in being successful in employment.
Hope Haven's Employment Planning and Job Placement services are:

    * Accessible - services are provided in the individual's community and scheduled in time frames that fit the individual's needs.
    * Person-Centered - each person's unique work, living, and academic experiences are considered services centered on the individual's personal preferences and needs. The individual directs the plan for services. A person-centered intake is the first step in job-placement/employment planning services. The meeting is focused on getting to know the person's background, desires, preferences, and aspirations for employment. Those involved in the intake include the referral source, the individual served, Hope Haven staff, and other significant persons the individual chooses to have involved, such as family or member of the community.

Job Placement
Services provide development and placement services to individuals who are ready for competitive employment with or without the need for on-going job support. The placement takes into consideration the preferences of the individual and the recommendations from previous assessments. Also considered is the rate of pay, available benefits, opportunities for advancement, hours and schedule, etc.

Placement includes assistance with job applications, resume development, interview skills, and job coaching, as needed. If the outcome results in a need for more long term vocational supports, supported employment services or other follow along services may be arranged.

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